Institutions/faculty can choose from a range of service plans.


Features Free Class Pay per student/class (Institute purchased) Pay per class (requires student purchase) Institution Service Plan
Console-type labs
Full stack projects
Jupyter Notebook labs
Autograding (console, Jupyter)
Hybrid grading
Plagiarism checker (console)
Assignment scheduling
Download task to work offline
Hide test cases
Code analysis provided to students
Timed assessments (console)
Enable/disable copy paste in online code editor
Embed videos/documents at Chapter level
Embed videos/documents in assignment description
Protect chapter with proctor password
Works with SafeExamBrowser (lockdown browser)
Class Duration Max 6 mths 12 mths 12 mths 12 mths
CodeZinger problem sets
Individual student configuration
Clone class
Custom problem authoring
Languages supported (C, C++, C#, Java, Python, Haskell, SQL, Go, Objective-C, JS, All All All All
Add non-supported programming language on request
Multi-language class creation
Add class staff (TAs, etc.)
Submit unit test cases
Educator account has Student ‘View’
Export grades
Enrollment limit/class 2 students Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Student can enroll in multiple classes N/A Purchase per class Purchase per class
LTI integration to LMS
Pay with credit/debit card -
Pay by bank transfer - -
SafeExamBrowser e-assessments
Availability Everywhere Everywhere Select countries Everywhere
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